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Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Kira, I'm an illustrator and a fine artist.  I'm extremely delighted to do my job. I love to create an atmosphere in my artworks with the addition of some humor when I can. I work with different media, including pen, paper collage, pencils, digital, pastels, and gouache. I suppose that technique should rely on the theme and the text of an exact book/project.

I LOVE to create my own picture books as an author/illustrator and also to make mazes and puzzles for children.

I was born in Moscow, Russia, but grew up in a rural area, surrounded by lakes and trees. I still love this atmosphere, with mountains as an addition. Nature is my favorite subject to draw, including plants, trees, animals, rocks- you name it. I like to put people into the natural environment in my illustration and to show how people may collaborate and communicate with nature. I am certainly a "green" person.

I am also a great fan of history, archaeology, and science overall. I listen to scientific lectures while I am drawing and read books on the subjects of archaeology, anthropology, biology, ancient art, and art history. 

I love to hike with my family and alone, and meet new people. 

In 2013 I came to live in Burnaby, BC, and still reside here. I am very excited to see so many diverse people here, the tolerant environment, and heavenly beautiful nature. 

You are welcome to contact me via email culufin (@) gmail (.) com

I am a current member of SCBWI and 12x12

-2021 Shortlisted for the Ananas International Illustration Awards (Fraser River book)

-2022 Longlisted for the World Illustration Awards (Exploration category)



I create illustrations for picture books (age 0-14) and illustrations for an older group of readers. Please check my portfolio for examples

I love to create mazes/puzzles for children, so if you're interested in collaboration on this matter, feel free to contact me via my email I've placed above. Board games are also very welcome.

Ancient history is one of my deep passions. You can check my portfolio page 2 to check my artworks on this matter. Feel free to contact me via email I've placed above

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